Hello from Ferrybridge or Merrybridge as I like to call it!

Heyup am Bill from Ferrybridge, am old as in being 72 but look 92 and act 42! Am old enough to have watched all the original episodes and now watch the repeats on Gold.
You are most welcome Bill to the Forum hope to see your posts and threads . Please take a look at the great map that Maltrab[Terry] has created which shows a lot of the locations where the show was shot and if you also look at the Members photos there are some great photos taken by Pete which show stills from the show and the locations as they are now , you'd never know these famous actors have ever been there.
As an analogy , have you been taking a leaf out of Smiler's book Bill , walking miles with that handcart before eventually plucking up the courage to tell Auntie he's damaged a table or not made any sales. :)