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Hello all, and thank you for having me. As a non-member I have been lurking here an embarrassing length of time. I have always been reticent of computer communities and social media. I’m not sure if it’s still called social anxiety when it extends to interacting with one’s fellow beings on a computer, but I will try to do my best. I have come to see that the members here are a bit like a family.

I first watched Last of the Summer Wine in 2000. The episode was Adopted by a Stray. The show was pure magic. The following week brought me Defeat of the Stoneworm and I was hooked for life. American distribution is a capricious thing and I have augmented my viewing with YouTube and other sources, but I confess there are many episodes, mostly in the final years, that I have not yet seen. I was not greatly motivated by the addition of Hobo to search them out. My preference is for the early years when there was more dialogue and less slapstick, but I love it all. Clegg is my favorite character, and Foggy my favorite third man.

As for myself, at 54 (later this year) I may be among the younger members, just boarding the train so to speak carrying me to my own summer wine years. I am impelled forward on this journey by caring for my mother (in her 70’s) next door, a grown daughter (near 30) at home, and trying to maintain a property of 20 acres of trees and sandy Texas soil despite ants, gophers, snakes and encroaching arthritis. There are also with me, two small dogs, Marty and Charlie, (who I can best describe their personalities as Sir George Uproar and Fanny from The Ghosts of Motley Hall.) Sometimes it feels like a run-away train, especially these days when it seems the whole world has gone mad. Last of the Summer Wine is the perfect comforting escape.

I grew up with Masterpiece Theatre, British Comedies on PBS have always been a part of my life. I remember as a child choosing The Jewel in the Crown over The Wonderful World of Disney. I am of Scottish (Campbell), Irish (McNeece), and Welsh (Morgan) descent, perhaps I’ve just been looking for a bit of home.

Thank you all again


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Welcome aboard and it's great you made it here along with many other Barmpots, who over the years have found the show a great escape from day to day life


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Welcome to the group Eithne. You posted a most interesting intro but my intellect cannot figure out whether you are a lady or a, as we say in Yorkshire, a bloke. My wife, who comes from Minnesota, does not recognize the name you use, Eithne. If you have to look after 20 acres then I say that you are a bloke. However, your command of the English language suggests that you are a very refined lady. I'm a bloke, well passed my sell by date. I'm so old that my wrinkles have got wrinkles. I look forward to your future postings. WELCOME ... :37::37::37:


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Greets and Weclome, Eithne ! :18:

Glad you joined us. Very cool name you have, Eithne. Curious, I had to look it up and found that it is Irish in origin. Got a bit of Irish on my mom's side with some (graying) red hair to prove it, hehe. I hear it is pretty country you have out there in the great state of Texas. Not yet crossed the Mighty Mississippi myself. Look forward to hearing more from you on your thoughts of our much loved LotSW show.

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:)A very warm welcome Eithne any age is a good age to acquaint yourself with our beloved show. Quite a number of your fellow country persons are on the site and often refer to PBS as their source for watching British Comedies . I would urge you to take a look at the Members photos page there are some great shots on there . I would also point you at Terry's [Maltrab] excellent Summer Wine map which shows a large number of locations where they filmed . Enjoy your time with us .


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Thank you all for your warm welcomes!
Peri, my real name is Audrey, I am a lady, and not one of great stature, so the land generally has the best of me. We also have chickens and ducks and a stocked pond. It's a lot of work, but I am thankful for it, in these days of lockdown and isolating it has been an oasis.
RickAns, yes, Eithne is Irish. She is a character from Irish mythology. Texas is pretty, and it's much warmer than where I grew up in St. Louis, but when leafcutter ants abscond with your entire garden overnight you sort of loose the magic.
Thanks again