Hello Everyone


Hello from a new member. I'm thrilled to find the website and forum, so thanks for letting me join. I have been a fan of the show for many years, as were my late parents. Not surprisingly, I love the characters, gentle humour and madcap ideas. I had promised myself to sometime in my life watch every episode again properly, without distractions. What joy! Subsequently a simple but touching moment in 'Getting Barry Higher In The World' moved me to look for and join the forum to learn more about the show. Cleggy (my favourite character), who is walking with Compo and Seymour seems to break script to go over to feed a horse. Regards, Dan
Welcome Dan, you've fallen amongst like minded people, we look forward to your thoughts and questions.
Hello and Welcome Dan. The scene where Cleggy feeds the horse is also one of my favourite SW moments. It is so natural and the horse seems to take a great liking to Clegg. It brings reality to the to that particular shot.
Which part of the UK are you from Dan?
Hello Dan and welcome to the Forum the interest in the show remains high although it was so sadly cancelled by Auntie some years back . I hope you enjoy your time and here and I look forward to your posts.
Thanks for your replies Pearl, Roger, Captain Clutterbuck, Maltrab, Barrychuckle and RickAns and making me feel so welcome. I think I'm going to like it here. :) Thanks too Peripheral, I'm too far from Holmfirth for my liking, being a Buckinghamshire Barmpot :36:
Howdy partner ! (Looks like Randolph Scott from the back !) :42: ( I added that cause you may be a Seymour fan as I am !)
Looks like Dan was only active for several days after he joined and not been back since. I notice this a lot with new members, hopefully we don't scare them off! :oops:
Sorry I've not been here for a long time. All sorts of distractions have been occuring. But this site, its members - and LOTSW deserve *quality* time. Much belated thanks to Onyx John, Stephen, Ferret, Dick and Barrychuckle for their welcomes. Will post again soon. I'm now up to series 22. I miss Compo, the cast seem very affected by his loss.
Regards, Dan