Has anyone seen Nigel's Mug?


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Nigel Hinchcliffe, who passed away in 2019, and his wife Jenny both got to know the "Summer Wine" cast and crew well. Well enough for Roy Clarke to include mention of an unseen character called "Nigel Hinchcliffe" in one of the episodes. Jenny, an artist, decided to design and make some Nigel Hinchcliffe mugs to celebrate his inclusion in the show. It appears only a small number of the mugs were made, probably less than 100, but it seems impossible to find one, anywhere.
Have you seen one, do you have one of them?
I believe that I've seen one. Literally a mug shot! A black outline drawing of his face. I'm sad to hear that he's left us. We have quite a lot of Jenny's plates & the wrinkled stocking tea sets that she designed.
Sounds interesting. I could not find a picture or any references via googly, ebay or amazon searches. I did see a few things from her on a site called worthpoint (?) but they wanted one to register with them to get a price or any other info.

Interesting to learn a little more of the Hinchliffe's and their connection to the show.
As an aside if you search "Nigel Hinchcliffe " on Google Peri's Jack and Joey's original post gets a hit on the first page a fitting tribute and memory not only to Nigel but also to Peri's budgie Joey .

I seem to recall from a previous post that @Peripheral said he bought one and had it hiding in a cupboard somewhere. Have you still got it Peri?
I'm sure that I still have the mug somewhere Roger. Unfortunately my movements these days are too restricted to search in places above chest high. Rest assured, if ever I do find it, I will post a pic within minutes.