Has anyone noticed this with Cleggy


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In Jaw's when Cleggy see the naked lady on the calendar as Seymour collects his invention from the works, he gets really embarrassed, yet in Pate and Chips while they wait for Compo to get ready, he checks out one of Compo's adult magazines for some time.
Perhaps Roy Clark was a bit Victorian in his attitude towards all things sexual in nature
There’s no truly dirty jokes anywhere in this show
I mean it’s not like are you being served with it’s many mentions of pussies and nuts
Certainly not on the constant level of Are You Being Served, but there were plenty of ribald moments here and there, including a significant number of references to adultery by Clegg. This does seem to change around the Seymour years and I have also wondered if perhaps the powers that be had tightened the code as to what was or was not allowed at that time. Perhaps the time slot had changed. Over here, very long ago now, you couldn't have anything remotely naughty or any 4 letter words, until after 9pm.
Roy Clarke, never one for continuity, may have decided he'd get more comedic mileage out of Clegg if he restyled him. Still, I tend to feel there was a change in Clegg over all around that time and perhaps it is possible that Sallis had some influence in the direction Clegg's character developed in. It would be an interesting question for anyone writting a book or filming a documentry (hint, hint) if they happened to interview Bell or Clarke; how much influence did the actors have in the development of their character's traits?
Clegg did not seem to mind having a good look at the magazine Compo was holding in the barbers. Was Cyril that went wide eyed when shown it in Short Back and Palais Glide.
So apparently all the episodes in which Cleggy showed interest in dirty pictures are very early
Only when Cyril was around