Happy Birthday Tony

captain clutterbuck

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Happy Birthday and Best Wishes Tony thanks for all the sterling work you do to keep this wonderful site operational . As you get older life's pace slows to Sloth pace but you can still Walk a While through the Flowers of the Forest and witness the Lark in the Morning . Forget the Birthday Cake just have a big bowl of Angel Delight! :08::fp:


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Happy Birthday to ya, Tony! Thanks again for keeping the site running like a well oiled machine. Wesley could dream his Loxley Lozenge would purr as smoothly. :42:

@Peripheral, Tony = Cornishman, The Coder
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So very many thanks for all your wonderful wishes. Especially appreciate your HP reference Pearl, my very favourite books/movies of all time :D


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Since Pearl sent it I am sure the cake was boxed up well and you did not get any owl feathers on your cake. :)