Happy Birthday Pearl

Happy Birthday and Best Wishes Pearl hope you've had a great day , be wary of "Tel Boy" and shops or you'll spend all that lolly before you can say "Reaper run" . I heard on the grapevine that he has two gross of that Donatella Versace 's latest dresses he's trying to flog but the arms are sewn in the wrong way so you look like your asking to go to the toilet all the time. It's a bit of a bark if you're off dancing because unless your partner has really long arms he won't be able to reach to hold your hands for a quick waltz around the old Rory O'Moore!!:):)


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Thanks all, had a lovely day. Terrys offer is tempting but I think I'll avoid buying anything I'll end up swearing at or spending 2 days on the phone with Terry mansplaining stuff until blood comes out of his eyes, it's for your own good Terry.