Hail Smiling 2018 or Thereabouts


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Hi to one and all from the Wirral Peninsula.

I'm Robin, a self confessed LSW addict since watching in my youth on Sundays from the late 80s onwards. Despite approaching 37 next month I have always had a special place for this programme in my heart hoping that, as with the Carry ons, that their depiction of life is one to be enjoyed and savoured to the end. Indeed upon losing my father this year we had the Mike Sammes singers version of the theme at his cremation. I look forward to spending more time here with like minded people.

captain clutterbuck

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Well Hello and a warm welcome to the Forum Mashibinbin. I hope you enjoy your time on here , may I wish you a Happy New Year and I hope to see your posts and replies to threads during 2018 and beyond.