Greetings from the Scottish Borders

captain clutterbuck

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Welcome to the Forum Roger nice to see a new fan of the show join up . Tony [Cornishman] has recently done some sterling work on upgrading the site , the additional Gallery Button is a must and a great place to start . Coupled with that Maltrab [Terry] produced a wonderful map showing the locations of the show . He is upgrading that at present [please see the discreet thread for details and progress] but if you would like to see areas where they filmed it is an excellent companion .

Finally in the Members Photos there are threads , mostly posted by Pete , which show locations where they filmed and what they look like today . Pete has taken a screen dump from the show and paired it with his photograph . I often comment that effectively today, at several locations, you would never know that our Iconic Show was filmed there . I will not ignite the constant disappointment I have expressed regarding the local authorities abject failure to recognise what the show did for the area .


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Greetings and Welcome, Roger !

Hope you enjoy the forums. We are an amiable group here, feel free to join in the conversations.



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Welcome Roger, I love your part of the world, I'll be heading up there in a few weeks.