Greetings from Pascagoula!


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So thrilled to be among so many who love this show like I do! It's been a comfort during some heavy personal losses and now a retreat from perpetually bad news.

Pascagoula is the southeastern-most city in Mississippi and on the Gulf of Mexico. I'm a few blocks from the Gulf, but on 29 August 2005 it came to visit me :O (Hurricane Katrina)

I've sought out UK comedy since I was a kid and our PBS played Doctor in the House. We really didn't have many shows, we got Monty Python and Are You Being Served and later on Keeping Up Appearances. Thankfully the internet changed all of that and I have been making up time :) Other than SNL and Bob's Burgers all of the comedy I've watched in recent years has been UK and Canadian.
Welcome aboard, so pleased you found and enjoy the show, it is a great friend in troubled times
This show has seen us through good times and bad. Welcome. We're a friendly bunch and you'll seen get used to our customs. Any questions just ask.
Welcome Tommy glad you've found us, remember there's absolutely loads of UK comedy series on my favorite platform Dailymotion, there's plenty of episodes of LOTSW on there too