Good Find.


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As you know by now Pearl it is a very entertaining book. I got mine some time ago, can`t remember where.( memory goes a little when you get older)


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I'm delighted with it, I've read it twice already, I can't believe I only paid 50p for it. I was looking for Beanos and found that.

captain clutterbuck

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Like New York New York the book is so good I bought it twice [actually I forgot I had purchased it 2015 for £1.90 only to buy it again in 2016 but for £2.24 outrageous hike in price ] You can buy it for a penny from Amazon today but it costs £2.69 delivery


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Like Dick had my copy for ages, in fact I think it was the first Summer Wine book I managed to buy apart from a few pamphlets that used to be produced by the local newspaper in the 1980s which I also have.


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What a great find, Pearl.

I just wanted to say thanks, Pearl. You gave me the idea to seek out the book that you bought. Plus I found a few others online that I did not have yet. My LotSW book collection is now up to about half a dozen. :42:
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