Maggie Jones

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Anyone else notice that there were no LOTSW episodes shown today on Gold? They were showing 3 each morning and I think 2 in the afternoon up until Friday. Not sure why but they've stopped as of today. Checked for tomorrow and they're not on so it's not a one-off.


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I did notice Maggie, but they have been on a long time (Not as long as Fools and Horses) that`s been on nearly all day EVERY weekend. I am sure it will be back soon. They do have one every evening on Drama at the moment.

Maggie Jones

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Yes I do watch Drama as well as. I was just surprised that they stopped showing them without any notice as far as I remember. I agree we have been lucky to have been able to watch them so long.


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Over the years they have done this several times, then after a short time their ratings drop through the floor and they stick it back on, it is about the only show they keeps the viewing figures up for them

Maggie Jones

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Thanks for checking it out for me. So disappointing as it's become part of my morning ritual since retiring. Good way to start your day! And as you said Terry it probably keeps their ratings up. But they had only recently started a re-run from the first episode and last week was on something like series 5 or 6. It begs the question why start and then end so suddenly without any notice. I was watching an episode last week - I think it was called 'who's that dancing with Nora Batty?' Blamire plays the piano in the cafe in an amazing way that reminded me of the late great Les Dawson - so off key it's amazingly good!
You would think given the amount of material they own if they were going to take it off they would replace it with some comedies that have not had an outing for some considerable time and not replace with Only Fools . It is a great show but they broadcast it day in day out to a point most people anticipate the humour before the cast utter the lines .

What's wrong with rerunning the Rebel or Rab C Nesbitt or Still Game or Reggie Perrin for example [ though I suppose the ham sandwich is a bit strong for day time though they could bleep , like they do with Victor Meldrew's outbursts but even if they didn't they could air later in the evening for a change from Fools and Horses] .

I know it got panned but I would like to see Clarence starring Ronnie B and our beloved Jo Tewson . I also remember Clochmerle which is available on DVD so the BBC must still have the film to produce the DVD copy . They have run Hi De HI but stopped short of the last series this time around which they seem to delight in .

Maggie Jones

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Thank you for finding out. I was going to ask if anyone knew the e-mail address of Gold TV to write to them but now I know. Much appreciated. I still find it odd that they started to re-run the series from the very start and then cut it off shortly afterwards!
Seems quite common practice just did exactly the same with Hi De Hi poor Gladys is in Limbo cannot marry Clive Dempster DFC [again] until they air Series 9 . I had a series of mail exchanges a while back because they jumped to episode 2 of the first Series with Hobbo . They said initially it was a Christmas special and people would not tolerate a showing in the middle of June .

I persisted and they did show episode 1 after they apologised and stated there was a mix up when they had the series delivered from the Distributor. It needed to be shown because it outlines how Hobbo arrived so to speak starting at episode 2 was the equivalent to when Foggy left and Frank Thornton was effectively acting words written with Foggy in mind.

When Hobbo's series aired again they didn't show it so I wrote again and again received the response it was a Christmas special and so I gave up with them . Having said that they do respond to enquiries which is good even if the answers are some time questionable.