Glenda's Wedding


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Having watched the Channel 5 programme and seeing Glenda in her wedding dress, I cannot recall having seen this episode. Can anyone help?

Thanks in anticipation.
One of my absolute favourites Captain !!!! many fantastic scenes....our introduction to Seymour and his self propelling wheel barrow....Compo doing his Irish jig when he was about to face Seymour in a bout of fisticufs ....over a flag that says "UP U " according to Compo....but no.....Seymour commands Barry to "THRASH HIM !!!".....Nora and Wally in the motorbike and sidecar.....finding a "wild whippet" according to Nora.....and Wally stating "it's friendlier than you" to Nora......Barry pre occupied with his "wheel bearing" instead of the wedding cake....which the lady who baked it made a "beautiful job" of it......the wonderful musical changes when our stylish trio are getting ready for Barry's stag night [especially when Compo puts his "going out cap" on...looks at himself in his little mirror....and gives himself the "Simmonite seal of approval"....and the lovely happy ending [especially for Wally and his whippet" absolutely wonderful episide from start to finish.
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