Ghost voice, teasing Compo in the Café


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Has anyone else noticed this?
Now I've heard it, I can't un-hear it...

In series 3 episode 3, The Great Boarding House Bathroom Caper, Compo arrives at the café wearing shoes instead of wellies.
At about 5min 25 seconds, Clegg says: "Look at those twinkle toes"... then another voice says "Look, look".

Click the link for a short video clip - I've added a caption to highlight where the voice is:


So, who is the ghost voice?


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I looks like it my be Sid saying it through gritted teeth, there is some movement from it when it's being said?


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It doesn't sound like Sid's voice. I really can't place the voice. My guess is that when the scene was being filmed there is audio involved and then in production the audio may have to be re-done, an actor might be called in to say a line that didn't come through clearly or what have you, it could even have been a script wrangler prompting that didn't get edited out in the final edit..

Brian Johns

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Sorry, I disagree :14:.

Like you, I had not noticed it before , but I think the voice is a female one and definitely NOT Ivy.
Compare it to when Compo speaks after Foggy's "nostril" comment. His voice is much deeper and gravelier.
I don't think it is him "putting on" a silly voice either.

I think it is probably a crew member off camera picked up by the mike.

Anyway that's my tuppence worth. (with inflation and the pandemic, now worth about Negative One Pound, meaning you all owe ME a quid!:08: )


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Well I’ve watched it again (again) and it is a bit odd but I think it is Compo but he’s coming all over a bit Ray Alan and Lord Charles…a gottle o’ gear!!