Getting Sam Home - practicing driving the van scene...


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Bear with me, I'm going to have a couple pictures here and I hope my descriptions are legible.

Thanks to Craig Slater on Facebook, and a picture of Holmfirth from 100 years ago I believe I have found that one scene that has evaded us filming location searchers for a long time.

The scene where Clegg tries to drive Sid's van for the first time.

The scene is looking at Dunford Road from the town center.

Now here's some Photoshopping at work here.. Again, I hope this picture makes sense.

The building with the slanted edge roof (yellow line) is where Hibbledon Mills is, if I got the name right from the side of the building on GoogleEarth

The building in front of that in the scene picture (blue line) is where "The Balcony" is on Dunford Road.

The red line at the bottom points to the building behind The Nook which is across the street from the Fish & Chips place at the end of "Who Made A Bit of A Splash in Wales", and also near Sid's Cafe.

So looking on Google Earth currently, that open space lot where that former(?) Mill is on Dunford Road as it parallels South Lane (also for Google Earth folks.. it is right across the street from Bengal Spice takeaway). This HAS to be where they filmed that scene with Clegg driving the van for the first time. Let me know what you think!


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I put this on the maps section some time back Claye,as Alan Bell told me where it was,can you check I have the correct spot when you get a moment,I have tried to get in there for a photo but it is always locked up


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Shows I need to look at the maps section again every so often!

Terry, you're very close to it, but it's a a few more feet to the northwest. It is the lot with the blue van in it on Satellite view. If you look at Royd Mount where Blamire's house is, follow Royd Mount going northeast and go past the trees to that open lot with the blue van.