Funniest Television Couple Ever?


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I have been writing in the past about how incredibly funny Nora and Wally are, especially in Series 8. Are they really the funniest couple ever in television history(American or British shows)?

The only couple that might come close to me is Basil and Cybil Fawlty. That was a great combination!

In American TV, perhaps Archie and Edith Bunker of All in the Family might be best. However, some of you might even stick within Summer Wine to vote for their favorite; Sid and Ivy or Howard and Pearl. Actually, Richard and Hyacinth Bucket are very good too.

But for me, it is Wally and Nora first, and Basil and Cybil Fawlty in a close second.

Your thoughts?


I will go for Victor and Margaret Meldrew, yes he was a pain in life but you could tell they really loved each other, which was shown in the final episode, they were also very funny together as well


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George and Mildred ;D ;D ;D
I didn't know of course who they were but found the episode on UTube. I was pleasantly surprised to find Brian Murphy. Yes, I have to agree, that is a great show! They worked well together. I will be looking for more of those episodes.


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Eric Sykes and Hattie Jacques deserve a mention ;D They were supposed to be brother and sister in the programme and seemed to gel from the start ;D ;D
Well, when it comes to US comedy I thought Married with Children was fantastic, with Al and Peggy Bundy.

Basil and Cybil Fawlty were classic as were the Meldrew's. George and Mildred as well.


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when you think about it there have been lots of brilliant couples on the screen, you guys over the pond will have to excuse my ignorance but of course there is marge and homer simpson !! the uk we hav'nt mentioned alf garnett and his wife, and as far as couples go what about Steptoe and son....father and son of course but definitely a magical couple :)


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Just did a search and found out about George & Mildred. I wasn't expecting it to be a tv show by the same name. I will spend some time watching bits of it on youtube to see if I think they are funny.