Fred Dibnah


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I came across this431588062_10161013567007976_8376698769251838305_n.jpg fantastic portrait of the late Fred Dibnah on the internet. He was a Lancashire man but he always reminded me of Wesley. He described himself as a back street mechanic and also had a cap that was prone to catch fire. I followed his many TV series over the years. He was the epitome of an old school working class guy and a great English man. Rest in peace Fred.
When I was traveling on the Severn Valley railway last year I shared one of those old fashioned carriages with the corridor on one side with some steam engine enthusiasts who were talking amongst themselves. It was difficult not to eavesdrop, and the upshot was that FD owed a vintage steam engine and showed it regularly, they were saying what a lovely down to earth guy he was as they knew him very well. I had to Google when I got back as I didn't really know much about him, and surprisingly he was also one for an eye for the ladies which was something they spoke about too!!!!
I never got to meet him but got to see his workshop a few years ago.

His family were having a clearout & I was buying a CCTV monitor that had been offered for sale online at a reasonable price.

It worked OK apart from some screen burn due to it showing the picture from the same camera for years!

Unfortunately I got rid of it when my collection of old electronics expanded & threatened to takeover my flat!

I still regret it somewhat!