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Great photo Terry I assume it was between filming as Jean has flat [dare I say rather sensible] shoes on and has thus abandoned temporarily her beloved high heels she was never seen without in the show . After teetering around some rather rugged locations I imagine Jean would grab every second of comfort she could.
The jacket Jean has on is all to familiar featured in any number of episodes . It must have been one of her favourites and Jean would presumably choose to wear at every opportunity [well I hope Jean liked it and did not wear it under duress] . It is just the shoes that appear unfamiliar. Given your prowess for facts about LOTSW Roger I am absolutely certain you are correct. Thank you for pointing that out. I suppose the question is does Terry recall when this photograph was taken during the filming of that episode amongst the many episodes he was present at filming . Thank you in advance Terry if you can assist.


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This was during filming for "The afterthoughts of a Co-op Manager" I don't recall what shoes Jean wore for the actual filming, and interestingly if you view the episode you don't see her feet, and in the next couple of episodes most of the time she wore plimsolls, I am starting to wonder if this was the start of her back problems,so as often as possible she wore sensible footwear

Adrian Morris

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There was one other thing I noticed in the photo and that was Jean's hair is not looking as tidy as it usually does. I wonder if Terry dragged her through the bushes you can see behind them. :D