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Inky Batty

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Is it an instance where the door was knocked ? Like when they go canvassing for business in The Odd Dog Men? Or Yorkshire Funny stuff where they are looking for someone?


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A large dose of brain fade...………………..Is it where they filmed the making of the three man bicycle??:fp:

Adrian Morris

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Well done Inky, it was indeed and just along from where they filmed Lilly Bless Her house
I've just watched another episode today and it showed Truly and Clegg walking past the house discussing a Mrs Cornwallis in 'The General's Greatest Battle'. And it looked exactly the same as when Clegg, Foggy and Compo were there. The doors were still painted red. I also noticed right at the start of the scene what was Lily Bless Her's steps into her house in the background.
It must have brought back memories for Peter Sallis to be filming in that location after so many years.