Foggy and his house


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I found it a little odd that in the episode "The Man from Oswestry" Cleggy read Foggy was returning to a empty house in Arnold Crescent, yet a few episodes later he is living in rented accommodation, so did he sell the house he owned


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Possibly Blamire was trying to gin up sympathy for Foggy with the guys. So they would accept him more readily with all his foibles. We all know Foggy had more than a few! :29:


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He appeared to change houses too during the show - The House he emerged from with his bicycle polo kit, and another time and a different house, when he built a motor bike for Compo, "The Phantom".


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In "The Kink in Foggy's Niblick", I took the reference to the landlady's stuff stored in the attic as a slip-up resulting from the sudden need to write Blamire out of the scripts and Foggy in. Blamire had roomed with a lady at the intersection of The Royds and Cartworth Road, who had his tea ready promptly at 5:00 every afternoon (and Heaven help him if he was late coming home for it!). It would make sense for the attic to be full of her stuff.

Since LOTSW is light viewing, therefore thought to be ephemeral, we probably weren't expected to notice the different locations of Foggy's house. Anyway, he probably sold the "house in Arnold Crescent" when he moved to Bridlington to claim his inheritance of the egg-painting business. That makes sense of the different location(s) after he returned to Holmfirth.


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One fault of Roy Clarke was he didn't really give his characters much depth, I remember watching an interview with Josephine Tewson and she said she questioned him about the Elizabeth character in KUA, was she married, did she have any children and she was surprised to learn he didn't know!!!!!

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I know what exactly you mean Barry , in Open All Hours for example there is constant mention of Granville's mother , Arkwright's sister, normally in derogatory terms but I don't recall ever hearing , how she passed away if indeed she was dead or anything about who she really was . At least with Still Open we got to see Leroy's Mum for a brief moment played by the wonderful Paula Wilcox .

The converse I suppose is do we really need to know their history/background as we are being offered a slice of their lifetime at the juncture that the show is set . In your example do we really need to know why Elizabeth happens to live next door to Hyacinth , what happened in her life before that . For the purpose of the show she lives next door and we are being asked to simply enjoy the part of her life when she is pitted against the force of nature that is Mrs Bouquet .


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I still don't think it would do any harm to fill out some of the characters a little more but as ever Captain you make some very valid points. You should be promoted to Commodore !