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Can anyone tell me about the Summer Wine groups on Facebook? I am not, nor have ever been, a member of Facebook. My managing director, {wife}, is on Facebook and she tells me that there appears to be quite a few SW groups on there. We have this group here of which I am a member but I cannot understand why we have the need for another group on Facebook. The answer to this must be very simple but to a silly old goat like me, I fail to comprehend the need. Please put your answers in words of one silly bull so that my somewhat worn-out little grey cells will be able to comprehend. Hey, did you see that big word? Comprehend! Gosh, I didn't think that I had the capacity in my noggin for words of such magnitude. CAPACITY? See, there goes another one. I always thought that CAPA CITY was a football team that wore headgear. :confused:...
Looking at what I have just righted, roted, written, it is obvious that it is time I took my sanity tablets. They are quite large tablets and I have to suck one until such times that I can make sense of the news. :oops::13::13:


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The best group to join is The last of the summer wine forever, it has the same admins as this forum, it has more activity as folk will join a FB group but not a forum, there is also a FOSW group