Eastergate Bridge

captain clutterbuck

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Always Compo before his sad passing and the "third man " would have been the target Blamire, Foggy [ he'd get two as he appeared effectively twice in the trio at different times] Seymour[ he'd have invented a snowball making machine that would surely be his downfall as Compo would grab the product and use it against him for sure or more probable the machine would go wrong and the machine would backfire hitting Seymour with a volley of crisp white snowballs] Truly would exclaim " I was Truly of the yard lad" as what was a crisp white snowball now a little grubby departs from Compo's throwing arm , hits its target , dislodging his beloved Trilby as it crashes against his head .

In the final three surely Alvin would aim at Hobbo who'd be blaming the Albanians or Russians.