Dog breeds of LOTSW episodes


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Let's not forget that "badly shorn sheep" [according to Compo !!!].....which was in fact a lovely Standard Poodle.......which would have got a "load of stick from cheeky mongrels"...."FIFI !!!!".... THE BADLY SHORN SHEEP !!!!


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But that was a miniature poodle
A standard poodle is twice that size
Poodles also are bred in a king size breed standard
But that’s was a very funny scene


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And what about Smiler's friend's dead was sitting there....wagging it's tail...that is how he knew it was his dog....he offered it a crisp....which it refused...that is how he knew it was dead !!!.....P.C.Cooper confirmed to P.C. Walsh,Tom and Smiler that at least we know dead dogs don't like crisps...the whole episode occured simply because Smiler's big toe was going brown !!! a minature tortoise !!!.surreal but true !!.


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To me Wally's dog looked much more like a Greyhound (a Whippet cousin?) for the dog race tracks than a Doberman guard dog. Though they do have similar sleek body styles. Side by side I feel the Dobie is a bit stockier.
I've heard people in England describe very slender person as "thin as a whippet." The implication was that they didn't look very healthy.