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My apologies for not visiting the main site home page very often. I usually go straight to the forums for the witty banter. I do like the background picture of the home page with the cast and a stone wall. Really like Wesley's truck towing the words across the page. If it has been like that for awhile then I am sorry for not noticing sooner. If new, then I think it's great!

captain clutterbuck

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Fantastic selection of photos in the gallery.
I found this in the Gallery, Entwistle and Alvin are wearing some sunglasses recently purchased from Auntie's who is pushing a new line . To the untrained eye they appear to be genuine Ray Ban glasses however closer examination shows that Alvin in wearing glasses stamped Ray Bins and Entwistle's are stamped Roy Buns :eek::cool:


captain clutterbuck

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Tony if you could somehow incorporate this when anyone clicks the Gallery button that would be fantastic ....................... only Joking ;)

sorry that it comes with an advert first