Dipping my toe in the forum


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Hi everyone, I'm new here but not new to the show. I've been watching for as long as I can remember (started watching with my dad years ago and have been a fan since.)

I couldn’t believe it when they cancelled the show and I eagerly await anything new they might bring us.

Anyway, I won’t go on. I’ve made a tribute video accompanied by a song I wrote for my dad because of his love of the show.

You can see it here. Hope you like it. :)



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Welcome on board!! I have found this video a few days ago, so it was yours! It´s fantastic, thank you very much!


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Hi Adalia

Welcome to the summer wine cruise liner, most of us are way past speed boats, I am in the middle of moving home,so I will not have a lot of time to spend here until the new year, it is a great crew here so if you need help just shout, great video, Terry