Dame June Whitfield our Nellie

I am so so sad to report that the death of Dame June Whitfield has been announced . She was the cornerstone of British Comedy on the Radio and TV [It is easier to list the Comedy Shows June never appeared in ] and will be fondly remembered by people of ages from her time as Eth Glum in the long running radio show , to of course the infamous series with Terry Scott, to Ad Fab and of course our beloved show. I truly believe she is one of the unsung comedy greats and is up there with the great performers who are held in such reverence and loved by all , sadly she has now joined them . Hopefully in the coming days she will be afforded the tributes and affection she so richly deserves . A very very sad loss.
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Yes another sad loss: some of the images used are well known and of course Nellie and Truly had met before in the blood donor waiting room ...


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I see the BBC tribute to June last night. They managed to show a couple of pics of her in lotsw and that was it, ignoring the contribution she made to our programme. (No surprise there) Other than that a good presentation.