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For anyone interested the current lead story on the Daily Mail online is a series of colour photographs taken by a gentlemen Clifford R Adams who was sent to the UK by National Geographic in the late 20's /early 30,s . I know several people seem to enjoy the photographic posts and I am sure that people would enjoy viewing these .

NB Please do not deem me to be a "typical Daily Mail reader" I am in no way a shoe in for that category I read most of the papers that are free online every day and as this was on the front page of the Mail I thought it worth a mention.


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Whats up with the Mail???? I've been reading it on and off since I was 5 !! It cant be all wrong , otherwise why would they keep printing IT??

I've read it since it was a broadsheet, It was bought by my father ,a staunch socialist coalminer!!
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