Dad's Army Remake of The Lost Episodes - Cast Revealed

Louise Lawrence

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Here is the list of the new cast who will be in the remake of the lost episodes

Kevin McNally as Captain Manwaring
Robert Bathurst as Sergeant Wilson
Bernard Cribbins as Private Godfrey
Kevin Eldon as Lance Corporal Jones
Matthew Horne as Private Walker
David Hayman as Private Frazer
Tom Rosenthal as Private Pike


The Coder
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Robert Bathurst did a number of dramas, mainly Poirot type thingy's. He's good.
Then of course there's Mr Cribbins, been in everything :)

captain clutterbuck

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Robert Bathurst is in Cold Feet, Tom Rosenthal is in the great Friday Night Dinner, Kevin Eldon has been in so many things like Game of Thrones and also countless comedy shows supporting various comedians who have a series such as Miranda Hart, Simon Pegg/Nick Frost , Harry Enfield/Paul Whitehurst very much the same for Kevin McNally who has been in loads of things but I am sure I am not alone with the sentiment "Don't make them !!!"


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If it as bad as the first remake why bother.
P.S. I am a member of the Dads Army Appreciation Society and seems most have the same opinion as mine on the first one.
I cannot recall of any remakes of anything have lived up to the originals.

captain clutterbuck

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Adding this because there is a bit of an Army theme through this thread . I have just watched Spike Milligan's Interview show on Gold [again] its just so funny and there are areas of such sadness and pathos however, its a funny part I want to explore. In an interview with Wogan [accompanied by fellow guest Peter Ustinov ] Wogan asks did Army life change him to which Spike replied aside from comradeship he learned nothing . He had a drill Sergeant who barked orders [probably like all Drill Sergeants] on how to present arms , march etc and Spike said he never understood a bloody word he was saying and then gives an absolutely hilarious rendition of the Sergeant which just creased me up.

I was wondering if there are an ex servicemen/women amongst the members and whether there experiences included an encounter with said drill sergeant and whether or not they were of the same ilk and understood absolutely nothing they said , thank you in advance for any thoughts.


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If you want more more of an idea on Spike Milligan's army life watch the film Adolf Hitler - My Part in His Downfall.

captain clutterbuck

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Well two of the three remakes have aired has anyone watched them and if so what did you think . They are on Gold catchup if you have missed them under Series 2 .


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Yes, we watched the second one last night. It was better than I expected it to be but no one can replace the original cast. The only one that I thought really out of place was Pike. TomRosenthal is so physically different to the original Pike.


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I managed to see episode 1 as a friend recorded it for me, I have yet to see the other 2 episodes, I think you have to look beyond the current actors and visualize the original the original cast and how they would of played it out, then it just about works, what would be really great if the lost episodes turned up, but little chance of that happening.
I am surprised how much Dad's Army audio recordings and books are available on ebay, some selling 95 cloned audio files for £1.95

captain clutterbuck

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I watched all 3 some characters work for me some don't . Matthew Horne does a good job as Walker , Robert Bathhurst has captured Sgt Wilson well especially the laconic delivery , Kevin Eldon has captured Jones but maybe has taken the slapstick side [although the script clearly calls for it] a tad too far. I don't think Kevin McNally captures Mainwairing's pompous nature and seems to overplay the slapstick elements . Arthur Lowe in episodes where slapstick scenes involved Mainwairing had the gift of very much underplaying that element whilst making it appears very funny but it appears as over the top with Kevin McNally .

The real misfires are Tom Rosenthal as Pike [which everyone is pointing out] , David Hayman as Fraser but by far , given his acting pedigree, Timothy West is really , really poor as Godfrey he spectacularly fails to capture the spirit of Godfrey .

Some of the supporting cast are very good in the roles David Horovitch does a reasonable Captain Square , Tracey Ann Obermann a good Mrs Pike and the brief cameo of Simon Ludders as Hodges is passable .

I suppose without the originals they make a reasonable replacement I just hope that's it and they don't have plans for further remakes of maybe episodes that appeared on the Radio Show .

Anyway that's my six penneth worth of chips about the shows ready to be shot down in flames ................................. but not with the Lewis Gun because Fraser has misplaced the butterfly spring .