Country Spot - where? [contains spoiler re barbecue episode]


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(My apologies, Terry, if this is in the map and I just have not recognized it for what it is).

It’s a country place where there is a curve in a dirt track, and – to right of screen - a grassy (sometimes heathery) bank where the trio often sit or recline in the grass. Mid to right of screen there’s a fence for some of the way up the track (a farm gate at right angles to the fence can just be glimpsed), and there’s also a stone wall (lower than the fence) behind where they sit. To the left there is more greenery - a kind of a dell with two or three stony paths visible leading up the sides of it.

Although I seem to have seen it in quite a few episodes, one of the most memorable is at the very end of “Where There’s Smoke there’s Barbeque” where Howard sets up the wooden bench he made for him and Marina behind a bush, and it gets severely damaged when Compo, Clegg and Foggy attempt to use the barbecue they bought from Auntie Wainwright’s; at the end of the episode, Howard and Marina are walking back down the curving track carrying the blackened remains of their bench.

Is it within walking distance of the nearest town or village? I’d love to visit this iconic place on my next trip to Holmfirth but can’t figure out where it is!
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Here's the info I think you are looking for :-

In this episode Howard was making a bench for himself and Marina,I think it's the one where everyone thought he had a wooden leg,it's not changed at all,its the lane leading up to Intake Lane at New Mill.



I extracted this post from the spot of member's photo's section posted by Pete who no longer posts sadly because he provided some great shots of locations from the show and what they are like now . If you look at that section and skip through the pages to say page 4 onwards you will see some of Pete's posts which are worth viewing and may answer some of your questions.


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That's fantastic, just the information I needed. Thank you very much Captain and Terry.
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