Coopers Rules - Holme Royd

Cooper and Walsh let a drunk out of their car, saying he's five miles from his car...
They are at what looks like a rural T junction, there is a stone wall and wooden 5-bar gate in the background and a real road name sign for "Holme Royd".
Google cannot find this at all. As some parts of the episode were filmed in Hepworth, at / near The Butchers Arms, I've searched street view in that area, but it could be anywhere. Any ideas where Holme Royd is, or was? thanks in anticipation!


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There's lots of 'Royds' up there especialy in the New mill area. Could be made up, as a lot were, such as Berry croft & Donaldson St. My guess is it's another name to make you smile. Compos uncle suffered for years with them!