Continuity error in "That Certain Smile"


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I've been watching the Seymour series and noticed a mistake in this episode. When the trio take the dog into the hospital there are a few shots from inside Smiler's room and you can see Compo and Seymour enter from the hallway and go behind the screen with Smiler/Clem, but you never see Clegg enter. After the scene where Marina hears them talking (including Clegg) completely out of context and thinks its doctors delivering a baby, the camera then shows all four men coming from behind the screen.

The only other continuity errors that come to mind is a) in "The Flag and its Snags" when they are trying to capture the mules and it is a combination of shots of the actors and stunt doubles. There is one part when Clegg's double falls to the ground and his cap goes flying but they the cut to a shot of Clegg sitting up with his cap still on. The other is b) in "From Wetsuit to Wellies" where Clegg and Foggy stick their heads in the water to call the missing Compo and when Compo walks up and they turn to look at him you can clearly see how soaked Cleggs cap is. But in the next scene, where Clegg has stood up, his cap is dry.

Can anybody think of others?


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Theres quite a few, I found most of them in the earlier episodes Cleggs cap is one that sticks out in my mind.


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I just saw one this week in "Bushes at Dawn". It is at the end when Compo and his opponent fall. They are obviously laying down and separate but when the camera comes back to them they are right next to each other. Wesley then tells Foggy and Cleggy that they are stuck together.

I love that episode though. One of my favorites.


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I have a hard time finding errors in shows:30: , but that is always something that I like to lookout for , especially if someone has already found them. Remember the brushes at dawn, and the cap chasing the mule. I am sure there are many in the earlier episodes. Watched Wild Blue Yonder today and it was funnier the second time around. A lot of stunts.:02:


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I noticed one in the Man from Oswestry a few weeks ago.When Foggys bus first arrives the ground is absolutely soaking wet and I think it may also be raining.The next scene shows the ground fairly dry then wet again,etc.
I think we all know about the two in Three men and a mangle.The rope is lassoed over the mangle but when its is being hoisted up we can now see that it is tied with much,much more rope.
The police car also mysteriously moves from just beyond the bridge to under it.
I cant remember which episode the next one comes from but it may possibly be Crums.Wesley can be seen sitting at the kitchen table listening to Eddie and there is no newspaper on the table.In the next shot we now see Wesley leaning on a sheet of newspaper.