Is anyone , like myself, enjoying the fabulous New Year's Day concert from Vienna [it is available on Catch UP] . I have watched it for years and I hope for many more, aside from the wonderful music the interludes , the ballet stars and dancers , the wonderful views and buildings all go to make it the most outstanding programme by far over the festive period .
It was indeed Andy with the Conductor orchestrating the crowd to clap softly and then heartily during various movements in the piece of music. Preceded , in keeping with tradition , by the Blue Danube.


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I looked up the origin of this tradition, and to quote Wiki -
When it was first played in front of Austrian officers, they spontaneously clapped and stamped their feet when they heard the chorus. This tradition, with quiet rhythmic clapping on the first iteration of the melody, followed by thunderous clapping on the second, is kept alive today by audience members who know the custom when the march is played in classical music venues in an orchestral version prepared by Leopold Weninger (1879–1940). Conductors take great delight in conducting the audience, as much as the orchestra, with great gusto.