Compo's terms of Endearment for Foggy


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There seems to be many names Compo has called Foggy over the year, it would be nice to recall some of them and what episode we hear them in, I will start the ball rolling with The Odd Dog Men


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In "Destiny and Six Bananas" when Foggy appears dressed for hunting the "big game", along with his "blow-pipe", Compo calls him "Wild Bill Hiccup" (and Clegg gets in on the act too, with "Jungle Jim"), then shortly after, Compo calls him "Clarissa with her curtain rod".
That episode must be one of my favourites, the part where Foggy explains about the dart is absolutely classic.


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ACCORDING TO THE PROPHET BICKERDYKE …………..Foggy tells off Compo who says in reply , Watch it Audrey !:20: