Comedy in Silhouette


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Matt Groening creator of The Simpsons once said that he believed in making his characters instantly identifiable and he thought that this helped the popularity of his show. Does Last of the Summer Wine in the Foggy years also benefit from this?

Foggy is of course taller than the other two and we can pick him out even if he is being doubled or stunt doubled. Clegg is the 'normal' one. Compo with his different hat and his wellies stands out from the other two also he tends to slouch through life giving him a different look even in long shots.

So we have a trio of very different looks. This I think extends to some other characters as from out friendly store keepers early on to the five ladies who take tea together. I believe even in silhouette, you could tell which was which.
The other thing I like about The Simpsons is you know most of the community so it feels familiar, the only other time I've seen this done was in The League of Gentleman series.