Collectors item on Ebay.


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There's a wesley shed finial sign on Ebay JWJ HOLMFIRTH jst needs painting green. Not for sale by me, and I already have one on my garage, so nows your chance to get one & i can tell you they don't turn up very often. Item No 393056703992. Good luck.
I am not finding it..

I did use Worldwide as search criteria. Did find one via google search on the WorthPoint website.
This one? I searched Holmfirth signs


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Wesleys famous 'shed' with sign on top.
Go on, you know you want one!


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No, i dont know the seller. Just bringing it to enthusiasts attention. I've got quite a collection of memorabilia myself.
As we are advertising items for sale I've got a gross of gentleman's shirts from Monkey Harris now they normally retail at £45 yours for £6 and I'll throw in a free Peckham Rye , now I can't say fairer than that, Bonnet de Douche !;)
Was watching an episode last night in which they showed the front of Wesley's shed. I never would have guessed that is what was on top there. Thanks for teaching me something new about LotSW.

Thought it was some slats of wood put together to make some kind of fancy crown to the roof line. haha!
Congrats on getting that, Terry.
Speedy post considering. It's in good hands. In wrk at mo but will check colour tomorrow & get bk to you. Green fades paler as it weathers.
The colour I used was Dulux Highland green. Any dark green would do though.


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