Cold in places this morning

When I was working spent a lot of time in Lytham St Annes and Blackpool often for day meetings and used to travel through Kirby Stephen regularly , really glad I retired because no doubt I would probably be travelling that way today including going over the A66 to reach Kirby Stephen and onwards to the M6 .


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Nice to see all your lovely pictures, as we have not had much at all in South Norfolk. But if we do have 1/2 inch the whole of Norwich comes to a complete stand still.
Can I please ask Ferret what would it be like in Bakewell and Matlock Bath at present keep getting these deals from National Holidays but I don't want to waste money to be faced by snowy conditions , thanks for your help


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Bakewell is ok at the moment. The snow seems to get dumped on the higher ground around Buxton and the surrounding area. Yesterday was weird, snow, sleet and ice that just settled on the roads.
Like the way your Country counter the heat Bruce , a pub in Adelaide , The Red Lion[number one in pub name chart in the UK see other thread], said it would give away free pints if the temperature hit 45 C when it did they gave away 1200 pints and the kegs were emptied in under two hours :18:


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When it snows, the meteorologists all give you a minute-by-minute dissection of what the weather was, what it is, and what it is going to be. They even go out on the highway so you can see road conditions, and they give you a bus stop report -- how cold and uncomfortable your kids will be. They are even at the salt domes to give you a report on how many salt trucks are out. All very technical and designed to give you many ways to overcome the blow that Nature has just delivered.

And it is so hard to remember to just stop and take in the beauty of a snowfall. The sudden whiteness of your world. The lacy outline of each tree branch. The ability your kids to enjoy a day off from school , flying down the hill on a sled or saucer. The joy of a dog suddenly in his element.