classic films

Gotta say you have a couple of excellent movies there. I found trawling a certain online auction site every now and then very very lucrative for my taste in movies, like old war stuff. Trouble is I find I frequently have to research some titles to see if they're any good or attractive for me.
Don't get me wrong 'cause I am a Star Wars AND Harry Potter fanatic, but old movies like "Cruel Sea", "Malta Story", "Battle of the river plate" etc etc. keep me occupied over a lot of weekends.
Then of course there are the British classics like the "Titfield Thunderbolt" or the Ealing Studios.... "Kind hearts and coronets" or Passprt to Pimlico" and the list is endless.
I would suggest that if you are prepared to do a little work (searching auction sites) you can get some truly AMAZING bargains. I think ALL of the above apart from the Harry Potter and Star Wars I got for, £1.50 At the most!
I'm not really a big film buff, but I do like Chariots Of Fire which would no be categorised as a classic. I like a few of the Hugh Grant films too Notting Hill is my favorite of his.

But that's one of the benefits of getting old getting - bargains, I often go into a clothes shops, rummage through the 'last clearance' items rail and find some attire which I think is the pinnacle of fashion :p
I think Grandpa Simpson's quote in The Simpsons perfectly sums up where I am in life. "I used to be with ‘it’, but then they changed what ‘it’ was. Now what I’m with isn’t ‘it’ anymore!"
I’ve mentioned it on here before but love Went The Day Well with a very young Thora Hird starring in it.
Hammer and Amicus films also feature in my film viewing along with films such as The London Nobody Knows, Hell Is A City, Saturday Night Sunday Morning, The Loneliness Of The Long Distance Runner, Quadrophenia, The Big Job, Withnail and I, The History Of Mr Polly…..
I also picked up a war film called the hurt locker. I also saw the magnificent seven but didn't buy it for some reason
I bought a couple of classic films today at 1 pound 50 each. Gandhi and Lawrence of Arabia. So I'm sorted for a while. Thought it would be interesting to hear what you guys think of these two or any other classics
Mr Microwave is in Lawrence of Arabia.
I can recite the dialogue verbatim for the Blues Brothers cannot resist watching it even though I have the DVD same goes for Blazing Saddles. Huge slapstick fan so any Sir Norman Wisdom film is a must .