Citizen Smith


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Barry (Mike Grady) currently appearing in one of his early roles as Kevin in Citizen Smith, currently being rerun on the Drama channel.
I used to watch that when it was on tv first time around,and have not seen it since then,I had completely forgotten Mike Grady was in it,thankyou,I'll watch them again.
Back when all the resurrections, reboots, remakes and one-offs were in the works I read that Robert Lindsay was thinking that Citizen Smith might be next. Something about a socialist being elected so maybe Wolfie could be. My first thought was that he must remember acting in a different show than I remember watching. To be fair it's been a lot longer since he played the role than I watched but it seems he was buying what the character was (sort of) selling. If anything (which the Sullivan family gave an emphatic "no" to) I think it would be more of Rising Damp atmosphere. Everyone but him has moved on (except maybe Tucker) and he is acting as landlord of Shirley's parent's house. A very neglected house with all of Charlies various DIY projects crumbling.
Thanks and all. Just downloaded the Citizen (Wolfie) Smith shows. Really
good and funny too. Especially like all the scenes that have
racks of LP records in the background. And Barry really looks young.