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If you have not seen this show, with 5 parts, the last part is on later this week, it really is worth a watch, a little slow to start but well worth sticking with


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Fantastic series. Scary that the three major nuke accidents to date involved the world's most powerful nations and they all lied through their teeth and continue to lie about the events. I'm totally against nuclear power, when things go wrong, they go wrong in catastrophic fashion. It may take 100 years to clean up Fukushima although they claim only 40 or 50. Every uranium fuel rod ever made still exists, including the ones they dumped into the sea before Greenpeace stopped them. There will be more accidents, it's just a matter of where, when and how bad. "Anything that can go wrong will go wrong."
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Did you all watch on Sky Atlantic or by some other method not having a sky package [ use Virgin] I don't have that channel available . Thank you for any information.


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I have Sky, wish I could record it for you. My dad had a way of recording off his box but it was onto video, they make it difficult now, you used to be able to bung a Sky engineer but I think that stopped. Do you have Netflix?


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I can't get Sky on my set so I won't be watching it. I tend to only watch comedies, is the Chernobyl program funny? Probably not! :(