I used a Chad in a reply to the A-Z game thought I would add a new thread and use to portray some Chad Wot no phrases for the LOTSW characters , please feel free to add your own contributions

Wot no Howard, I'll kill him - Pearl

Wot no Howard, Bliss - Cleggy

Wot no Hermoine , ooooooh! - Smiler

Kilo Wot no power - Entwistle

Wet no trousers - Alvin

Wot no customers, no sales - Auntie



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Apropos of not much Captain, my local paper started life as THE CHRONICLE ADVERTISER. It was soon shortened to The CHAD. Now people just ask for The CHAD.:22:

It was going before I was born so the shortening occurred during the war .
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Read a little about the origin of Chads , in the US the characterisation of the bald man appearing over the wall was known by the term " Kilroy was here " started here as Mr Chad eventually shortened to just Chad and became popular during and after the war, especially in conjunction with living with rationing . The slogans Wot no Sugar , Wot no bread etc all related to the fact that we had rationing and certain things were not available .In 1945 when Churchill's Tories lost the election and Labour won apparently a "Wot no Tories" chad was scrawled everywhere and in Austria in 1946 trains where adorned with " wot no Fuhrer? " chads.


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I re- watched KELLY'S HEROES the other night. There was a Kilroy on the wall of the bank when the Captain/Lieutenant walked in after they'd just disappeared with the gold bullion. :35: