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Just noticed this in the episode Earnshaw Strikes Again, take a look at the car ramps under the front wheels of the Ford Capri. At the start of the scene the sloping part of the ramps is pointing to the rear but when they move round to the side of the car the sloping part is pointing to the front.
Screenshot 2019-04-28 at 8.30.14 PM.png
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As an aside I had a puncture in my car's rear tyre on Friday when I backed it off the drive . I set about changing the tyre but the manufacturer supplied socket to loosen the wheel nuts didn't seem to work so stuck I contacted my roadside recovery company to assist only to find it didn't cover home start .

The Garage I bought it from is two miles away so with no choice I used my electric pump to blow the tyre up . Luckily it was a slow puncture and I managed to get to the garage . I had run over a nail which had embedded itself in the tyre but luckily the service guy went that extra mile and repaired the tyre for free when considering its a main dealer was such a refreshing change .

He also showed me that there is a bit of a knack to get the socket to fit the wheel nuts , next time I will be able to replace myself thankfully . It also brought back memories of my Mum who has a million tales of woe regarding her dealings with cars and many funny stories involving the AA . The one I remembered involved her noticing a flat tyre on her car at the petrol station when buying fuel . Not knowing how to use the air pump at the Garage and the young lad who was working there not knowing how it worked either she called the AA to come to the Garage to blow her tyre up . I would have loved to have been there when the call came in and the patrolman arrived.


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Good call on the ramps. I had not noticed that until you said. Was too busy laughing at the guys trying to help. What kind of silly bugger tries to work on a car in a body cast?!
I was cringing because of ramps on a hill. In the first screen grab it sure looks like the rear ramp is pointing forwards. How'd it get there? I've dealt with a few interesting safety regulations and wouldn't be surprised if it was against regs to drive onto ramps on a hill to film but OK (as in no specific regulation against) to place onto ramps to film.

Second screen grab looks like a different, almost level spot.

Not sure, but I think there's another episode with a car on ramps on a hill. Foggy or Seymour harassing a man working under his car thinking he's Wesley.


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This reminds me of the time I ALMOST went down a hill while sitting half in, half out of the car. The car, a Plymouth Reliant, (a little car that sat low to the ground) had just been unloaded from a flatbed tow truck and the driver looked at me and said, "I need the keys." Well I couldn't get the key out (because he left it neutral, and I didn't know that the key can ONLY be removed when the car is in PARK) and so I flailed around and took the emergency brake off and IT ROLLED and would have gone down the HILL. But the saving grace was that it got caught, very firmly caught on that cement bar thing. Lots of men gathered suddenly and upon the advice of the police officer, the tow truck driver re-hooked the car and they heaved it back onto solid ground.


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I think I need to upgrade from my 16 inch screen as some of this detail just does not show up for me! All the words they spew out about your saved choices is unreadable unless I get in close.