Can't think of anything today.


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Today I am taking the day off which means that you will not be invaded with my verbal verbosity. What the heck does verbosity mean? At first I thought it was a Lithuanian football team, Verbo Sity. Had I been in the mood for talking I would have indulged you all in the nonsensical use of over sized words. Words like 'no'. Did I hear a sharp intake of breath then from physical Phyllis from Paddington. I can hear you mumbling to yourself 'no' isn't a long word. Missus, what is the reaction when you say no to your husband? That one word leads to hours of verbal abuse if uttered in the wrong place at the wrong time, and we all know where that place is don't we fellas? It really is an amazing sight to see clouds of smoke emanating from two sets of nostrils and veins standing out on fore heads looking like the Grand Canyon while the tongues of both participants rattle away in verbal conflict with such magnitude that it reaches seven on the Richter scale. After two hours of fist waving and vase throwing, both stop to take in a lung full of fresh breath. With lungs replenished the battle commences and once more the air around the domestic dwelling is turned to a rich shade of blue. The argument continues and the wife defiantly holds up her wedding ring finger threateningly in her husbands face. He retaliates by holding up his wedding ring fi....just a minute why is he holding up two fingers? Anyway, a state of calm finally returns and the husband settles down in bed vowing most vehemently never again to ask his wife that question.....

"Are you going downstairs to let the cat out dear?":oops:

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I found that before I retired that if you asked anyone to do something a bit icky the reply would be No Problem and I would still find myself hovering around watching progress.