Camera technology.


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The modern camera technology and its impact on tennis. It is amazing how they can seem to make it look as though the tennis balls are coming through the TV screen. No, don't laugh, I swear it does happen. I'll show you a photo I took of our TV stand yesterday after we had been watching tennis. Just look at all those tennis balls and LOOK, just as I took the photo another one is coming through the TV screen. That photograph wasn't planned, I was just lucky... WOW, what a shot. That ball landed in my cup of tea. Why is it that I think you don't believe me? OK, so it didn't land in my tea. Actually, it shot through the open window and knocked the postman's cap off and it landed in the duck pond. He retrieved his cap, put it back on his head and shouted 'FIFTEEN LOVE'. That was the number of letters he had for us. He always calls me love. I'm getting a bit worried about him. Fifteen letters, all from my fan clubs, the Gas Board, the Water Board, the Electricity Board, etc, etc.
Time for tea and toast.



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You might be able to sell them on ebay for a tidy sum. Genuine Wimbledon tennis balls as struck by whoever.