Britains greatest comedy character

captain clutterbuck

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In a similar vein Roger LLoyd Pack as the gormless Trigger is as funny as Boycie just shows how good John Sullivan's writing was . Who can forget the classic broom episode and as much as David J falling through the bar counter in that famous scene is comic genius it's also equally made by Roger's reaction as Trigger it's quite wonderfully played out the way he is startled and looking around frantically wondering where Del has gone. :)


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  • Alan Partridge
  • Ali G
  • Arkwright
  • Basil Fawlty
  • Blackadder
  • Captain Mainwaring
  • Compo
  • David Brent
  • Del Boy
  • Father Ted
  • Fleabag
  • Fletcher
  • Frank Spencer
  • Geraldine Granger
  • Hancock
  • Hyacinth Bucket
  • Malcolm Tucker
  • Margo Leadbetter
  • Martin Bryce
  • Miranda
  • Mr Bean
  • Mrs Brown
  • Mrs Merton
  • Nessa Jenkins
  • Patsy Jones
  • Perry
  • Rick
  • Rigsby
  • Sir Humphrey Appleby
  • Victor Meldrew

How could they miss out Albert Steptoe?!


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Thing what got me was one of the panel members of so called experts said compo was a pervert and places him bottom at number 30 then del boy is number 2 now if I remember rightly del boy had a bit of an intrest in women in the early days and it would often be suggested about him with them

That's ridiculous. Compo liked to try and kiss Nora but the Summer Wine characters were more innocent than Del Boy. To call Compo a pervert is ridiculous.