Bleep Bleep frustrating self service tills.

Do these get on anyone else's nerves. Particularly when the item won't scan. In our local Poundland they had a machine that said thank you for shopping in Poundland in a elvis soundalike voice. Most are card only too which is annoying as it's just another step to killing off cash.
Be glad it just gets on your nerves! In California (USA) a man purchased $600 (yes, that's dollars) of groceries. Apparently, he was doing a self--scanner and he was in a hurry or something and failed to pay for items worth approximately $10 (not that much). They arrested him and charged him with a misdemeanor.
I wish that was the case here in the UK. Our police are not interested in anything under £200 being stolen from shops.
I thought as long as you stole less than a thousand U.S. dollars in California, you could walk out free, thanks to gruesome Newsom? Maybe the checkout scanner saw he paid without using a welfare visa card and it didn't like it?