Best Performance #3


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For this one I have decided to have Sid from the cafe, for no other reason if I don't Pearl will do an Ivy on me with the tin tray (She knows where I live in Liverpool)

A hard choice as Sid has had many great scenes


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You name it he was good in it, my choice would have been Car and Garter but Dick is being greedy. Love Deep in the Heart of Yorkshire, Sid looking uneasy with his beding roll. Also in Foggys Niblic, I love the scene with Ivy in the cafe.
Oh and before I forget! My geography is bad but even I know Liverpool is no where near where you live! My avatar says it all.

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I make no apologies for cut and pasting my post from Wally's best performance but what was great for Wally is matched for Sid in terms of performance . I have to say Deep in the Heart of Yorkshire is the one for me. How John Comer and Joe Gladwin and to be fair the rest of the cast managed to film this without dissolving into fits of laughter is beyond me especially the big reveal scene when they are unearthed in the woods , priceless.


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So many good scenes with all these actors I am hesitant to chime in. Not a best acting scene but certainly a humorous one is when the guys find Sid underwater in his frog man suit.