Best Performance #2


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This time it is Blamires turn for you to choose his best performance, you don't have to pick a different answer if somebody has already mentioned it, I will leave my choice until later, have fun


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PBS finally saw the light and has (SOUND THE TRUMPETS) :37: brought back LOTSW.

The Art of Photography. It's just a nice episode. Lots of stuff happening: camping, photography, posing for the camera, a glimpse of Cleggy's wife in a wedding dress, etc.

As a note, I thought I heard a blooper, but not sure. It was the scene where Cleggy is mucking around with some things outside his house and Compo and Blamire are there watching him and I thought I heard Compo say, "Hey, Peter."


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I wish my PBS station would bring it back. Many years ago, it broadcast a couple of seasons from the first Foggy era, but that was the end of it for this region.


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Although "Spring Fever" was not my favorite episode, it showed a side of Blamire that we rarely saw. He seemed really concerned when Compo didn't show up on time. But then his real concerned surfaced. "Suppose he's just lying there? How will it reflect on us at the inquest if he's been dead for three weeks?" However, he did continue showing concern for Compo throughout the episode.


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Would have been nice if we could of had a few more seasons of Blamire. Thought he was a good character. Hard to choose a best - Hail Smiling, Funerals / Fish, Changing Face...
He was ill and made the difficult decision to leave the show after he found that the script called for him to run into the ocean in one of the two episodes that took place in Scarborough. Health-wise this was impossible for him to do and sadly clinched his decision.

Maggie Jones

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What's the episode where he plays the piano at the going away party for Nora's neighbour who's emigrating to Australia? The piano playing is amazing and reminds me of Les Dawson's later (I think) piano skills - both of them amazing!