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We lost our mother on Wednesday last after a long and difficult trial with dementia. It was a strange Covid era funeral, limited to 25 mourners within the church. The undertaker reminded me of a bouncer vetting people entering a pub or nightclub! But the attendance limitation had it's upside, making for a much more intimate affair. My dad, who died back in 2006 loved LotSW and I'm sure it was through him, hogging the TV watching episodes, that I began to like the show back then. My mother was totally bereft when he died. She was never one for watching TV but for a long time after he died I would walk into her house and SW would be on the TV. I think that in a sense, it was one of the ways she could feel close to him by watching what she knew he liked so much.
Rest in Peace mam. You deserve that peace after such a long ordeal with a truly horrible, insidious disease.

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I am so so sorry for your loss John , it is so so difficult to deal with and as you say suffering that truly awful disease has robbed your family and you of the Mum you clearly adored . When my Father passed away some years back I was stuck in Windsor , there was a rail strike, no flights and so I resigned myself to having to travel for hours on a coach back to Newcastle it was the longest journey of my life , no mobile phones so I could not contact my mother until we reached a comfort stop half way up . Take care and stay strong .