Bedtime problems


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I crept out of bed this morning and took a quick look out of the window. Brrrr, everything was white, not with snow, with frost. It was when I saw three dogs frozen to a tree that I realized just how cold it was. I dived back into bed and hastily hid under the duvet and lay there contemplating how I could fix my laptop to the bedroom ceiling. The snag with that, of course, is reaching the keyboard in order to type. I could use my walking but it isn't long enough. I am now left with a decision to make, do I have the ceiling lowered or do I buy a higher bed? If I do invest in a higher bed then I will also have to buy a trampoline so that I can bounce myself into bed at night. Knowing my luck I would probably bounce through the ceiling and have to spend the night in the loft. Are there any creative people out there who could pass on any ideas to make bedtime not too much of a hazard? :rolleyes: