Ballad For Wind Instruments And Canoe


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The scenes where the trio was rowing the boat were quite idyllic, don't you think? I know has a map of the bridge that the trio passed in one scene. I'd like to know where the spot was where the trio rested as the canoe drifted away on its own.


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These were filmed near Ilkley on the River Wharfe much more idyllic than the River Calder which in reality is a lot closer to Holmefirth


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This particular episode was filmed in Burnsall which is over an hour away from Holmfirth.
Next summer, when I go to Holmfirth for the 7th time, I will go to Burnsall as well to check out where they did the river scenes.
I am also hoping to get a smartphone this Christmas, so I will hopefully be able to upload my photos onto here to show you all.